I just want to go far.

  June 25th, 2018 by Niezzz

I dont know. Can you  ever imagined how miserable my life is. I have a terrible father.  My first sister was a drug addicted. My third sister and my brother didnt finished them school. And im the last one who still studying. And now, i  just started thinking. What do i need  to do with all this fcking shit. I can go through will all my studies, but just weak on math. I mean, im tired to go to school and pretend that everything is okay. Fake a smile. Its hard to focus on study when we hv our probs and suicide thought. Rn, im saving my money to get ready out from this house. Once enough, i’ll go. To my parents, if oneday they saw this kinda post. Dont worries, i wouldnt being a burden to them anymore.

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