Life sucks for everyone

  June 17th, 2018 by Lb88

people say things will always pass but if I were to be honest I’d say that’s a load of bull crap, some things don’t always go away in a week or month or even a year, like when I found out I have a disease called OI that makes my bones very fragile and it is fatal my mom told my doctor that it would be easier on our family if they just let it kill me. I never recovered from my mom saying that even after a lot of family therapy but I am alive and that happened 5 years ago. Life is hard for everyone you don’t need to be black, white, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or what ever you are to have your life suck any more or less that someone else. Because we all hurt, I’m not saying that as a good thing tho pain fucking sucks believe me I would know. We have each other tho, that makes the emotional pain easier on us because we can always reach out to one another for help and i am always here for everyone and anyone

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