My life sucks.

  June 24th, 2018 by Niezzz

Im 15 years old and a girl. Im so fucked up with my life. I always think about suicide. But i dont want to being a burden to my family. My sister gonna get married on this August. I dont want to destroy them. I have a terrible dad. Sometimes he drink alcohol. He’s a angry person. He had a tattoo. And guess what? We are a Muslim. Since i was a child, i always thought that i’ve already out from my religion because of my dad. I dont have friends. Im ashamed with my ownself. My mother dont take my suicide seriously. If i  didnt do something that she want, she will yelled at me. Yelled all fucking times. I have a scars. And its worst. I have a suicide thought since i was a 13years old. Its been a long times i hold on with my parents. They’re too much.

If i have 2 options, i just wnna suicide or go far from this fckin state of country. I dont know what is the perpose of this life. I loves to being alone. I dont like to being crowd. I dont know. Im just too young to faced all this fucking mess.

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