Small Positive Thing

  June 12th, 2018 by Urm8451n

I decided to win no matter what obstacle is thrown or being put on my way.


I have recurrent pancreatitis, and it is hell of pains.   I have financial problems.  I have no father.  I have no family.  I lack the support that others have, but I still go toward my target.

It is easy to be positive when you have it all.  The really challenge is to be positive when you are down.  When the bank calls, and you have been hospilitiezed,  you are facing that specific challenge.


Im here for the same reasons as you guys, but I want to help this community by helping  myself.  I’m saying yes to that challenge.  I will be positive at this moment and I will fight the depression and I will fight the financial problems and I will fight to succeed at University.


I have been through a lot of obstacles, through my life.  And  I haven’t give up yet.  I won’t give up.


I won’t.


I hope you will neither.

If my post helped you, please comment. If I will see that it did help someone, I will keep updating.


I’m going on my own with all those challenges, but I’m not giving up.


Stay strong be brave, yours, Jac.


PS.  if you want to know what I’m facing, you can read my previous post.

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