Suicide Clinics, courtesy of the Baby Boomers

June 14th, 2018by SweetQuietus

The Boomers are aging and off-site hospital clinics and surg centers are replacing stores and other businesses. Servicing an aging population is big money, that is, until the money runs out. The Gen X’ers we birthed will be bilked out of their inheritances by a health care industry gone amok.

Prolonging life at all costs, because life is “too precious to put a price on”. There is blatant disregard to personal dignity and individual wishes, just anxious family members nodding in agreement to the medical industry, that, “yes, yes, we give consent to treatment” because who wants to be the asshole that says, “no, let ’em die”.

Prolong our suffering! Use up our life’s savings! For what? Another week? A month? A year? So that we can outlive our resources, being unable afford our specialists and our medicines, and leave everything to nursing homes with nothing to spare for our loved ones?


Our numbers are our power. We’ll bankrupt the health care system in our pursuit of longevity. A longevity some want, yet many do not. Maybe things will change, not because anyone has the guts to argue on a personal dignity/personal choice ground, but out of economics.

Social security is already running out. Gen X’ers and Millennials aren’t going to want to foot our bills. Should they be forced to do so?

Shopping centers become Laser Eye Clinics, CoolSculpting businesses, Surg Centers, Urgent Care, Rehab facilities, and, hopefully Peaceful Passing Lounges.

So you GenX/Millenials, if you want to inherit the house and the money rather than it going to the nursing homes, don’t be so quick to nod your approval for “a potentially life-saving procedure” (otherwise known as a surgeon’s vacation home or a “somewhat death-delaying tact”). Let us go when we want. I want a better life for you, not a longer life for me. Besides, you never visit anyway, you self-centered bastards.

Give me a pleasant environment with a comfy lounge chair and a peaceful exit and I’ll gladly leave you the rest.





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