The Truest Truths are the Hardest

  June 15th, 2018 by Failure143

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from the last poem, here’s another for you.

I know that you hate me/ I know that I’m crazy/ But I can no longer see the person you wanted me to be/ For Fathers day/ I think I’ll just go away/ Get rid of your pain/ After all I feel like cellophane/ And I no longer have something to gain/ I’ll just walk to the freeway/ I’ll leave for good today/ I’ll walk up to the the road and lay/ Waiting for my life to end/ No longer needing to send/ A text or try to call/ Because now my soul will no longer fall/ Deeper into my sadness and despair/ Besides, it’s not like you’ll care/ I fact, I’m just your teddy bear/ Your teddy that you yell and complain at/ The one you always call fat/ So Dad, just be happy for once/ Because I went and stole your guns/ All of them from the pistol to the shotgun/ This will be like removing a ton/ A ton of waste, pain and a broken mind/ I know you regret having to sign/ The birth certificate and claim me/ Especially now that I can’t see/ Now that I can’t see any light/ Now that I can’t see any way to fight/ Now that I can’t see how I’ll live through the night.

I know I’m a letdown and little shit/  So you all can go and stop saying it/ Because my humanity is going away bit by bit/ Because the thing that makes it stay is this slit/ This slit on my wrist/ It’s hidden so you won’t get pissed/ I suffer tonight because there is no way to see/ I cannot see through the dark thoughts inside of me/ But do you care? No just give more therapy/ Even though you know it’s not helping me survive/ In fact it enforces my thoughts to want to die/ So now I cry because I learned the truth/ I feel worse than when I chipped my tooth/ But now it’s inside/ So now I just abide/ My death and set my pain to the side/ If I could I’d/ End it all tonight with my week old noose/ hang my neck from the ceiling like a goose/ A goose on display in a grocery store/ Rotting and given to the poor/ And then just ruin another family/ Now that I know that I will never be/ The success you saw in me.

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