July 13th, 2018 by freeroma

The trees in front of me looked dead. A glimpse of life, a promise of light which doesn’t dispel the stagnant growth.
Is it enough to feel brief warmth when you know the rot remains, to traverse a path of decay for an idea of an ideal?

Does new growth displace the old, or just work as a counter offer to a broken foundation? Maybe it’d be better with ivy. A take over of what was until the original is just a husk. Non parasitic but kills in it’s own way, first coexistence then survival of the fittest but something truly thrives.

.. I chased after the light anyway, so perhaps questioning it is counterproductive. i didn’t ask why upon making an oath, beyond knowing it wouldn’t be easy didn’t realize the reality. does onward hold more of the same?
for the sake of others, with the love of others.. as a distant feeling the hold is weaker.
chanelling anger, frustration.. Diverted from its natural course to the self but as a propelling motion instead of a targeting force, no mean task and a daunting endeavor.

perhaps i would wait here, until the light fades and the woods become cold, ignore the miles and promises.

and sleep.

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