Do you agree/relate with this?

  July 5th, 2018 by ShiSui

Okay, so I was playing Metal Gear Solid V, it’s a video game, and there was a cutscene where my character is escaping from a guy trying to kill him and there’s also a couple other random characters running too.

Thats the background here’s my “point.”

A random character falls down and grabs my foot and says “please save me I don’t want to die.” (He ends up dying, he was shot)

When I saw it I wondered, “why wouldn’t you want to die?” “Why are you struggling so much?” “What’s so valuable in your life that it’s worth you not wanting to die?” I know, I know I have a apathetic and depressed outlook because of my mental illness BUT let’s say that rando guy just had a divorce, he’s broke and work meaningless jobs, no friends (kinda like us) THEN I guess that cut scene wouldn’t be as dramatic and actiony because this dude when he falls wouldn’t say a word, he’d probably be like “fuck…eh whatever” or “what’s the point.”

I see this everywhere in Hollywood, horror movies, action movies etc. where the characters ALWAYS “help I don’t want to die” and I’m over here like “no there has to be those characters that just see it as a way out of their misery.”

idk guys I’ve been having severe OCD obsessions lately that’s affecting my recollection of my thoughts and slowly morphing into a language disorder. At the time I knew what I was thinking in my head but by the time I picked up my phone to put it here I lost it, but here’s it anyway.

(Oh yeah MGSV fans out there I know I left things out of the scene this story takes place but I had to shorten it)

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