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Easy to die.

by strawberrycrown

Okay, so I know it’s supposed to be 1 post a day but I need to get this out too. I’ve just been thinking about how hard it is to live – and how hard life is really. But death, it’s such as easy escape. It would be so much weight off my shoulders. It would be all of my problems solved. And for me especially, I have so many ways that I could die like to be honest I should not have the “luck” to be alive today. I could die from eating a peanut, having an asthma attack, cuddling a horse, eating as much wheat as possible so that I get cancer, “accidentally” have too much of one of he medications I’m (btw, a couple hours ago I slightly tried to overdose but it didn’t work, I’ve just got a fast heart and shaky hands), or god knows what else I could do, become a smoker so that I can get horrible and scary asthma or get cancer or both. Who knows really, but what I do know is that living is so hard and dying is so easy, especially for me.


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WanderingDreamer91 7/31/2018 - 11:17 am

Oh… πŸ™

How would cuddling a horse kill you? o.o

strawberrycrown 8/9/2018 - 3:44 am

im allergic to horses. Like bad allergic :/

WanderingDreamer91 7/31/2018 - 11:19 am

I think I heard there was a tagline in the manga Oyasumi Punpun or a quote from the author Inio Asano…

“Living is harder than dying.”

Seems like what you’re saying here. πŸ˜•

Though at the same time, I think I’ve also hear that harder things usually have bigger pay off, and other stuff like it’s hard to love or forgive but it’s easy to hate, hmm…

Idk, just some things that came to mind.

strawberrycrown 8/9/2018 - 3:46 am

ive never heard of what you’re referring to but basically yes., Also you make a very good point in the other things you said.

xanbxi 8/2/2018 - 8:03 am

I relate a lot to how you feel.

I’ve been dragging this feeling that something or someone is lacking in my life for so long now.

but giving up is not the solution. you think that suicide will make all your problems go but it won’t. you’re not thinking that. your illness is. you have to ignore these thoughts, don’t let them get to you.

life is hard.. I know.. it’s hard on a daily basis. but we have to keep going on, that’s what makes us strong. giving up and walking away is easy. fighting makes you a great person.

it’s gonna pay off. life is not always bad. you just have to keep facing the life’s trials, get back on your feet and keep your head up high.

you will meet someone. don’t worry. you will meet someone wonderful and this time when life will give you its worst, you won’t be alone, but two. stay strong.

strawberrycrown 8/9/2018 - 3:48 am

Thankyou for this, it is great advice and very positive and kind of you. I hope this be true for not only me but also you.

xanbxi 8/2/2018 - 8:21 am

even if life’s always been horrible and nothing really good ever happened or if you you can’t think of something good that will happen in your future, it won’t be like that forever.
life can give you the worst surprises, but also the best.
even if there’s nothing that motivates you in the slightest, you can’t give up yet. if you give up now it would mean you’ve been through all this s*it for nothing. it would be a shame to drop everything after coming this far, don’t you think?

strawberrycrown 8/9/2018 - 3:49 am

I mean I guess that is how I view some aspects of my life but ive never thought about that for my life as a whole.

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