Life makes no sense

  July 10th, 2018 by rivets

Well, I got my job back. Yay for that. This way, I start off with a clean slate – I can call off as much as I want, really, if I feel so inclined, and I’ll have another week of vacation time right off the bat. However, since it’s so far into the month already, I’ll probably be really short on rent for next month. Boo. Boo, landlord, boo.


I bet if I ask really nice, my manager will let me sleep in the break room rent-free. Maybe I can bring the cats along and they can be company mascots or something. It’s perfect! And I can wander around the shop floor in a bathrobe during my downtime and criticize the other shift for doing stupid things while I sip my coffee and play with my cats. Best. Plan. Ever.

Does anything in this stupid world ever make sense on a consistent basis? It’s like I’m stuck in a  kaleidoscope of stupid. Setting myself on fire and running around flailing my arms in front of a snow-cone shop might be fun. I wonder what that’s like.

The only thing that makes that option seem iffy is the though that maybe, just maybe, if this is what life is like, the afterlife might in turn look like this :

If it does wind up this way, we should all team up and file a class-action afterlife lawsuit against (any) god(s) (responsible for this shit).

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