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(Themes/Warnings: Child Abuse, Adoption)

“Do you remember being born?”


Channel (15 Videos)

(About 2-3 hours long)


Man, I’ve been waiting all week to talk about this all week… I’ve been kind of lazy about it though because of all the links and photos I wanted to share and thought the story behind this might be kind of big. :p Hopefully I remember what I wanted to say and can compile something pretty good and worthwhile…


So like, Petscop is this creepypasta-esque “game” web series with as much interactivity and fame as Ben Drowned and NES Godzilla Creepypasta, an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) about some obscure, old school looking PS1 game, but over time it gets creepy and depressing with… themes of adoption and child abuse. o.O (This one’s interactivity is kind of simulating a “let’s play” with game commentary, but moving on…)


While most of the game is it’s own thing, it actually has a few references to this one real life terrible case back in 2000 or so, about this 10 year old girl that died in this wacked up therapy session. D:


The girl’s name is Candace Newmaker…


Supposedly, I think she was adopted and considered a problem child, so they tried to “rebirth” her in this messed up and alien way where they wrapped her up in blankets to simulate a “womb” where she had to try and push her way out, held down by adults. o.O Like, it’s seriously crazy… and she died from that. 🙁


I mean, I’m not an atheist (for reasons that I guess can be explained here:, but this kind of made me question the possibility of an afterlife, or just like another life like being a ghost or getting reincarnated…


Imagine only living to be 10, you don’t even live with your real parents if they even mean anything, or if your adopted parents mean anything either, or something, and then you also die in a horrible way with no real future…


That’s way too depressing. 🙁 A child like that should be able to get another chance… and heck, even if she was a problem child, I’m not sure if I’d even wish this on my worst enemies even if I often find myself wanting them dead… I think, idk… I’m trying not to focus on that kind of thing right now…


I remember making a facebook saved post on May 8, I put it down in a computer document so I remember too, and saying I wish I could avenge her by killing the people (though that would probably traumatize her… use non-lethal force then take her? Let the police handle the rest? Find a way for her to not be afraid of me? o.O I just wish I could have protected her… or help her ghost if she’s a ghost, idk. :p)


Heh, I feel like one of those older people taking care of a kid type of person in fiction or what not…


Lee/Kenny and Clementine from Telltale’s Walking Dead games, maybe even Joel and that other girl (Ellie?) from The Last of Us, etc… (I just watched the series on youtube, don’t usually play these, meh. :p).


Phew, anyways, I wanted to quote some random things from the game, idk. :p


Petscop 3 (7:35 – 9:30)

(Care’s Room – Note)


“Your wife says “Care isn’t growing eyebrows”.

You say “That’s a puzzle.”

You’re secretly very excited to hear this news.

You’re in the bathtub thinking about her.

I have a guess at which child you’ll pick next.

When you find her room, the passage to my right will lead to her.

She’ll appear from the darkness, limping, and I’ll shoot her in the head.

(Paul (Let’s Player): “… What am I reading?”)

Tiara says young people can be psychologically damaged “beyond rebirthing”.

A young person walks into your school building.

They walk in with you. You’re holding their hands.

They come out crying into their hands, because nobody will love them, not ever again.

“Nobody loves me!”

They wander the Newmaker Plane.”


Candace Newmaker


Attachment (Rebirthing) Therapy


Petscop Analysis (1-10) (Nightmare Expo)

(One of Many)

P.S. I just want to give Candace/Care NLM a big hug. 🙁

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