Two Years Today

  July 31st, 2018 by despairsrayy

I finally pin pointed this anxiety I lie here with, and the sudden urge to Google your LinkedIn  account. It has been two years today, since I finally left you. Almost three years of your mental and verbal abuse. You would have become physical, you had shown signs.

I have been better than I could have imagined, two years down the road. I am with a man who truly loves me, and I to him. I had never experienced this love before in my life, it is true. Selfless. Unbiased. Intimate. Trustworthy. Cooperative. He cares for me in a way I have never been cared for before. Do you understand that love is selfless? I give my all and more everyday to see him happy. If he had a life altering decision to make that didn’t include me, I need him to follow that decision. You know why? Because, he deserves everything the world has to offer him and anything that is going to fulfill him as a person, or better him, is better than keeping him here with me, miserable at the fact that he put another human being before himself. He deserves the world, and I will give it to him.

You were astoundingly incapable of doing this for me. You failed me those two years and seven days short, of nine months we were together. I hope one day you will be able to give that to someone, but I believe you are incapable, and always will be. I have no faith in you as a human being to ever do the right thing.

I will boast though, with out having gone through the abuse with you, I know how to single out sociopaths. It doesn’t matter how you develop over these next few decades. I. Will. Always. Remember. You. That. Way. I hope your new girlfriend gets out sooner than I did. Should we cross paths again, you. Simply. Are. Not. There.

There is a reason why people are in the past, and they will never be your present or future again.

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