Wanna die

  July 30th, 2018 by Agonizing

Hurt unrest pain no pleasure no reward no life no focus no energy no concentration no hope no peace no happiness no dreams no escape except through death, life is truly worthless to my damaged brain. I will never recover enough to enjoy anything, no real change in 6 months of straight evil torture just improved or adapted enough to not be compelled to suicide daily. Hopefully recovering enough to get a job and pay for my peaceful suicide or ill have to find something to hang from, life is over im brain damaged and nothing can change. Fuck psychiatrist scum dont take antipsychotics or this will be you. Fuck this life i had everything to live for and now every day i would rather be dead than continue a worthless crippled mentally imprisoned life of no sense of reward and no ability to feel pleasure, fucking evil scum made this drug and i feel fucking sick all the time. Im ready to fucking die i need to find a way out

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