23 Things I Learned At 23

  August 24th, 2018 by Teresa's Child

1. People are cruel and selfish.

2. Never compromise on your ideals. Never give up in a situation. Struggle till the end.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail, or be laughed at, or dream.

4. Do not be chained to anything.

5. Relationships are poisonous to any dreams you may have.

6. There is no point to making money if it can’t buy you what you need.

7. No point looking too far down the road and making long, complicated plans. You can lose everything any minute.

8. There is no such thing as empirical truth.

9. Force is always necessary.

10. Its ok to be evil as long as your actions are dictated by good ideals. No one can force you to change.

11. Misanthropes aren’t human.

12. Determination > intelligence.

13. If you speak your mind you will never have regrets.

14. “There is no point in dwelling on dreams and forgetting to live.”

15. Mercy is for God. To live in this world, you have to be cruel.

16. “You are stronger then you seem, smarter then you think, and braver then you believe”.

17. Invest in yourself over anything external. If you are strong, you won’t fear anything.

18. Everything is impermanent, empty, and filled with suffering.

19. Having a little fun isnt a bad thing.

20. Conflict keeps you sharp and alive. Tests are always to be welcomed.

21. Having a child will effectively kill you.

22. You can’t look down on people. You have to be willing to crawl around in the mud right alongside them.

23. Never be caught off guard.

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