August 26th, 2018 by dsemfodi

I was betrayed by a friend/sister. She knew from the start that I was being played and cheated by her cousin, yet she didn’t say a thing! She didn’t even fvcking apologized for what she did! She didn’t even care if I would be hurt or what! We would always share food, she would come over at my house, we would always sit together in a bus, we had the same bags, clothes, shoes. We were basically sisters. That’s why I don’t understand why she fvcking did that! One thing more, she stole 2 of my fvcking admirers! (btw that didn’t happen at the same time) I thought she was just being a good friend as she was only checking if the guy was okay for me. But I guess she was sneaking behind my back and was checking him for herself! I want to be mad at her. But I can’t. And until now, we still talk. I remained as her friend. She needed my help. She got pregnant by the other guy I was talking about awhile ago. I also became the godmother of her child. She was now 4 yrs old. They separated. He was abusing her. I talked to her and comforted her. But they got back together again. And I’ll always be here for her. Cause she’s my friend. She’s a sister.

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