A suicide forum is the worst place to ask for advice

  August 20th, 2018 by AXYZ

I read that in an article about online depression resources once. The author’s point was that suicidal people should not be helping suicidal people. My initial reaction was anger and wanting to tell the author she had no clue – the old “you just don’t understand” argument that we all love to end arguments with.

Over the last year or two, I’ve been reading along here, commenting less & less, posting almost never, until I realized that there is truth to what that author said, for a number of reasons.

First there’s the obvious “physician heal thyself” argument. If we give such good advice, then why are we all stuck here at the bottom? Obviously our own advice doesn’t work for us, so it’s hypocritical to think it would magically work for others. Likewise, any advice you hear from someone on this forum is immediately proven to be ineffective, based on the suicidal person saying it.

Next, which the article didn’t touch on, there’s the question of whether we can find encouragement, peace or even techniques here that would help us finally go through with suicide. Once again the same argument exists, but in this case it would be “suicide physician kill thyself.” My point being, nobody here is any sort of expert on dying since we are all alive and failures at killing ourselves.

Summary. People here, or at any other suicide forum whether it’s support based or pro-suicide, are the last people who should be dishing out advice. Literally anywhere else, where people live happily by their own words (like suppose a spiritual forum, fitness, religion or anything positive) would be a better place to get advice on being happy because there’s a greater chance that those people actually¬†are happy. And conversely, if you want advice on how to die, the only people you can trust are the dead.

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