A year of Suicidal Ideation

  August 21st, 2018 by lostsoul21817

August 21,
Today is the day where it all started.The day where my seemingly happy life started to shatter and fail miserably.Until the age of 17,I’ve only heard of depression but I’ve never experienced it.One year later,I’m heavily depressed and on the verge of suicide.It’s funny how life changes in just a matter of days.

One year of living with depression has taught me many things in life and it also taught me not to trust any Fuckin’ bastards and bitches.The pain may fade away,but you will carry the bruises until your very last breath.For a few weeks,I’ve been able to suppress my suicidal ideation for sometime.

I’m able to get up from bed and do basic stuff.Hope a damn truck hits me and I die.It’s really hard to live with the pain and I really hope I die before shit gets out of hand….

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