breaking point

  August 4th, 2018 by Wrath_Hurricane

Hello. How are you? im great, really. The only thing a gave a shit was my job and its not about losing a job, being single for years or depresion, just that finaly loosing after giving everything i could and… I changed. When i remeber stuff that used to give me stress or sadness now feels like a funny joke. I can feel emotional or phisical pain as pain, but it is just so funny to me. Feel so free and energetic, and for some reazon people are trying to help me? telling me bullcrap like ,,try finding someone to talk to” oh, and the best one ,,try finding someone like you”. Hahaha, what a bunch of imbisiles. Now these people need mental help. Depresions feels so funny to me, my inner pain only serves to make me want to lough when ever i feel it.

Arnt you annoyed, when all of your blades for some reazon are blunt as f? i haven’t done it for like two and half years and when i want to slice my *** i can’t find anny good ones. Carpet blade seems to work, yet it still does not **** like i want it to.

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