Everyone hates ugly

  August 12th, 2018 by jacky

i Feel Ugly , Wait no . I Know I’m Ugly And I wish I Can Be Beautiful . I’m Ugly I’m fat I have Acne I Have Scars I Have An Ugly Face And Ugly Hair My Voice Is Disgusting. I AM REPULSIVE. And Unfortunately I Feel Like My Bf Is Obligated Yo Be With Me Because of Our son Or Because of pitty . Why can’t I Not Be Ugly . although My Bf Says I’m Not I Know I Am . I Believe I am , I Know I Am .

im Constantly Teased At Work Maybe Indirectly But I catch It , And It’s Always About My Weight , I Try And Loose it but i Just Can’t . maybe If I Just Grab A Knife And Cut it off Myself It’ll Be Faster Maybe if I cut my face of it’ll be more beautiful. Idk. I just don’t know .

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