August 19th, 2018 by twoplayer

You are sitting at a table, crying. Tears slowly drip onto the pages that are lying below you, blank, empty. Just like your life. Just like you. The pen hovering inches from the pages. Hovering. Hovering. Then it falls next to the page, lying there, useless. Just like you. You take the tear soaked page and throw it into the fire, burning it up until the ash is all that remains. Gone. Just like you wish you could be. Gone.
You are torn. Torn between who you are, and who you want to be. You are torn between who you where and who you are becoming. You are torn between the lies that you want to believe and the truth that you deny. You are torn between knowing what is right, yet doing what is wrong. And you are torn between choosing what your life will be, or whether you will give up. Torn but the last question is answerable. Will you exist? Continue? The answer is… no. No you won’t because you gave up. Finally you pick up the pen and write one word.

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