How it all started

  August 19th, 2018 by PatheticMale

The story of how I came to this world is as tragic as my life itself. When my parrents met my father was a 30 year old weird sociopath, loser virgin when he met my mother who at the time was 20 year old university student with depression and very low self asteem so she thought noone else would ever want her. They got together, condom broke and 9 months later even greater loser was born. A year later my parrents split up.

Im just the same as my father exept he manages to love himself despite still living with his mom in his fiftys, and working minimum wage job at the post office (even tho he has a degree asĀ  engineer). Meanwhile I just hate myself. If I were in his place I would kill myself years ago. He is religious so maybe thats the way to cope with life for him. (dont get me wrong I still love him and everything, but this is just the way I feel)

Perhaps one day I will find a girl with low enaugh self asteem to give me a chance too but I feel that kinda fked up person would not rly want to exist anyway so whats te point.

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