How to believe…

  August 11th, 2018 by spectralgiraffe

I had been told stuff about my ex boyfriend by someone else yesterday.
Have to play on my emotions…
Being told by them that he dumped me for ‘no reason’. That he lied about something re this person, that he just ‘used’ me, that he ‘likes’ hurting me, basically that he’s some person with ‘serious issues’. That he ‘subtly flirted’ with others even when we were together. This person felt sorry for me that he ‘hurt’ me

I don’t know who to really believe anymore. So I felt really confused, I started to say my ex was cold heartless and used me and dumped me and called him a subltle flirting jerk. He really did not like that. He felt like he was being backstabbed by this person.

I wonder if this person is right, or is now trying to turn us against each other? He really cares about me and doesn’t want me being ‘manipulated’.

Is he really a great person who just wants to help me and cares alot? Or does he have ulterior motives and wants to make me feel worse in the end?

I had apologized for stuff I said earlier.

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