I found the meaning of life.

  August 19th, 2018 by anonymousie

today’s the day that i have come to the conclusion that everything in life is fucking pointless. things that i love i now found a way to hate them.
i saw a dead dog on the road and immediately thought, “this is why i hate animals”. of course i don’t really hate animals but fuck. when i saw that collar around it’s limp neck, i saw children crying over their lost beloved pet. my pets will probably die before i do and i fucking hate them for it. i love them so much.
when i realized my dad was slowly dying, i found a tiny piece of hate for him in my soul. “you’re my best friend, how could you let yourself die. why won’t you fucking eat?”

i’m turning into a hateful person.

i know i don’t actually hate animals or my dad but i’m so frustrated.

there’s no point in having a family. something bad WILL happen. you will either have to die and leave your kids depressed, or your kid might fucking die and you’ll have to be the one to put him at rest.

i found the meaning of life. the meaning of life is to be hurt. to lose. to cry.
and we’re told to look on the bright side.
i don’t see a bright side because i’m blinded with all the fucking death.

no matter what goes on in your life, no matter how great you think your life is right now, it will inevitably get fucked up somehow just like it did the last time you were happy.

fuck life.

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