Im curious

  August 12th, 2018 by lonewolf23

How many of you act all cheery and happy at work or school but dont really feel this way inside? Do you do a good job at wearing this mask? Why do you wear this mask and how long have you been wearing it? Is it benefical at times? Are you actually lonely outside of work? Do you try to blend into the crowd to avoid suspicion that somethings up?

Did it take you a while to master this defensive mechanism? I feel as if it comes naturally to some people and so it’s really hard to tell if they are struggling with personal issues. I want to know because sometimes i feel like it creates a sort of fake vibe from people and you feel like you’re alone due to others appearing happy all the time. I also feel like somebody i know is hiding some things by wearing this mask because he’s so good at it. Apperantly this guy is like super human because i rarely see him express negative emotions. Perhaps he really is just a master at human emotion and staying positive….but then again…maybe he’s wearing the mask. If he is….how do i go about confronting him. He’s a really cool co-worker and so i wish i could help him out every once in a while. I wish i could show him how thankful i am for his positivity because it picks me up when I’m feeling down. By the way I’m a straight dude so no i don’t like him in a romantic way. I just think he’s a really cool homie. So don’t suggest anything weird.

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