August 13th, 2018 by somesadgirl

what does it all mean?
what’s the purpose of investing time in people & things if it could all be taken away in an instant?
People crave all the money in the world to fix their troubles yet some can’t be fixed with riches.
I wish it could all that simple, to let go of my troubles but it’s something that lives within me.
something that’s lived within me for quite some time and it’s slowly crumbling me into the gravel.
some people can fight it, others can’t, I’m trying to figure out where I fit into.
the more time passes the closer I get to crumbling completely but something always pulls me up.
I don’t want to be pulled up, I don’t want to crumble. The more I dwell with the time the more i want to crumble without repair.
I feel like I’m stuck in the in-between. I wonder which side will win.

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