Is it Paranoia?

  August 26th, 2018 by Yikrens

not a single language covers what we truly are. biologically healthy a wreck of psychological pain by amount of worthless sustainable knowledge. then phenomenal therapy will give it a cut. no suicidality anymore. it is so expensive sometimes. that’s not the market, it is real the resources. a human can’t be manufactured to resources. health services are dumped.

i want to meet a different human.
or myself, some of the resources felt if people are dissected , just for fun before a trade. & you?

no, I don’t give resources. I’m in pain that desires, visions, sanity, preferences and anything extraordinary is vaguely unpayable, and this for ever. it’s just been loosely to proof it’s existence.

i did knew, forensic pathology is a high aim, but, if they are like me? maybe i’m just this cruel compared to.


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