My first post, something I wrote at 5 am

  August 10th, 2018 by Zara

I’m fat
I’m ugly
I’m useless
I cry too much
I ruin everything
I make everyone upset
No one needs me
No one loves me
No one even likes me
I hate myself
I’m worthless
I should die
I want to die
I should kill myself
I’m flawed
I’m a whore
I’ll never be pretty
I’m trapped
I feel alone
I’m not allowed to leave
I want to cry
I’m crying
I’m sick of liars
I’m a liar
I tried my best
I can’t do anything right
This’ll never get better
I’m afraid
I’m scared
I’m scarred
I should cut
I need to be in control
I cut
Let’s go back to sleep now.

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