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My Yandere Story

by WanderingDreamer91

I came up with a story a long time ago about a morally ambiguous “protective” killer protagonist story. :p


Decided to make it like a “yandere”, if you could still use that term despite it not really being a romantic example, and involving a teenage girl, because of moe, idk. :p


From anywhere including killing a bully stop from being hurt as well as to protect a friend, to assistant suicide, to stealing from the “rich” or modern folk to give to the poor and homeless, making it all fit somehow, yet constantly being on the run and being considered evil despite all the good intentions…


How does morality work, when the black and white get blurred into gray? Do the ends ever justify the means? That’s what I’m always confused by…


And it’s not just fictional examples either, I… I actually get intrigued by stories of real criminals, like Elliot Rodger…


I actually read up on that story by randomly trying to find a blog on introversion and social anxiety and somehow found that, I have no idea where the website is, and had literally no idea who this person was and that they became a spree killer then killed themselves. o.O


Was Elliot pitiful? Idk… On one hand, they were extreme loner trying to fit in, almost too much to the point it was the meaning of their life, especially with not being a virgin, and on the other hand, even besides the killings, his manifesto made him both more and less sympathetic by giving more context than his youtube videos ever did which I actually discovered afterwards and not before… (My name on youtube is Shinji Itoi by the way, I have a profile pic of The Batter from Off. :p)


PHEW! Anyways, talking about Elliot and other stuff is a story for another time though.


I hope you enjoy my story ideas here. :3 It’s a work in progress. :p


(New Update: Yandere Story (March 9, 2018 (Friday)))


Sympathetic Murderer (Yandere) (December 28, 2017 (Thursday))

I came up with a disturbingly sweet and somewhat weird story. :p I guess it’s from stuff like Elfen Lied or End Roll and my own personal feelings…

Basically, a character tries to protect someome and maybe themselves from a bully or maybe something else maybe even worse,
but the friend doesnt accept it and think its wrong and they break down and try to escape somehow and become a darker person…

Then someone else discovers tjem and hangs out with them for a long time not knowing their secret until that ex friend pops up.

And, idk. 😕 Not sure about all the details right now but I thought it could make a cool story.
A killer who tries to kill other seemingly evil people and doesnt see any wrong in it…
ans on top of that they might wven be doing it for someone else… its strange..

I guess that would be a yandere thing eben if their relationship isnt romantic?

Seems almost sexy. :p Or not idk. XD I couls get into yanderes stories maybe though if its more like this…



Actually, this sounds kind of normal…
I mean, maybe the act of killing someone more on the level of seeing their blood spilt or dying from poison/drowning is kind of extreme,
but like… self-preservation or protecting someone even if the victim is just some asshole is like… yeah…

Like it’s a dark action but if their relatively normal outside of that,
it’s hard to tell if it should be that big of a deal or not. :p
Unless people consider them a threat outside of that,
Idk… it’s almost like people who actually gave a shit about the person should be the only one out to get them maybe. :p
Eeryone in the world out to get that person for one murder of a person who arguably deserved it… is that actually fucking crazier?

I don’t even know anymore man…


Edit 2 (December 31, 2017) (Sunday): Another thing to make this sound even more disturbingly sweet is that I want to give her the Japanese name for “Protect”.
I decided to go with Yasuko. It just seems to work really well… Yasuko…


Edit 3 (March 9, 2018) (Friday): I had a random daydream lately and figured I should add it to this story. :p

Other than simply being a sympathetic killer, I decided that I should give her more morally ambigous decisions.

I’m also wondering whether or not she should be conscious of her choices and be aware of what society would think of them,
but believe it’s the right thing to do, or that she actually doesn’t understand that her actions are wrong, trying to justify them…

Anyways, the next thing is going to be assistant suicide.

Rather than your typical life support plug pulling scenario, I was thinking about her seeing someone whose hurt and asking if their okay,
until it turns out they did it to themselves and their begging Yasuko to let them die…

Yasuko then replies that if that’s how they really feel, she’ll let them, but she also comforts them by hugging them until they pass away…

It’s sweet, right? 🙂 Sure she lets them die, but it’s their wish to do so, and she makes sure their not alone though, even if their strangers…

See, this is the kind of thing I’d really like to see more of…


Edit 4 (March 11, 2018) (Sunday): Oh yeah, I was also thinking about whether or not Yasuko’s friend should be the Student Council President,
or become one just to stop her, even if Yasuko herself wouldn’t be the type of person who cares for that thing,
not that she would be a delinquent probably. :p She might even work for the police…

Though if at all there’s a different villain or their conclusions seem different and/or worse than what really happened,
Yasuko’s friend might question if their correct in their deductions and if that really sounds like her…

Although her friend might seem to technically hate her and is trying really hard to stop her, she’s actually more worried and scared…
That’s the kind of person I want to right. :p

She’s a big conformist, but her heart is in the right place for traditional morality.

Yasuko on the other hand believes traditional morality is either false and doesn’t work, a corrupted lie, or that there’s other ways to be good.

Despite it all, I don’t want Yasuko to be considered a villain if she loses at all. I suppose you could actually call her own force of good,
but it might be better to call either side a gray area who thinks their doing the right thing, and that in the end,
morality is what you make of it…

Technically, I believe morality is a case of helping or hurting other people, but… what if you don’t see very many people in the world as good?
Or you’d have to hurt someone to help someone else, like stealing from the rich to give to the poor?
What does it mean to hurt or stop others that try to hurt other people?
What does it mean to let someone whose suicidal die instead of helping them find a way to live?
Is it not ambiguous at times?
Finally, if an afterlife is either vague or doesn’t seem to exist, then what about you as an individual?
I suppose you can try to think about future generations that will carry on after your death, but… I don’t know…
I personally, sadly, have no reason to give a shit about that. :p I don’t really have anyone in my life that cares about me to care about them back…

Anyways, about the stealing part, that was a third ambiguous situation I thought I should come up with,
that she finds someone a poor homeless person or even family whose hungry so she steals from a store to try and feed them.
On one hand, she believes that the store still has plenty left over and both the owner and their customers can afford more.
On the other hand, if people were to follow her example and everyone stole from that same store, their could be none left…
Of course, that wasn’t poor Yasuko’s intention. 🙁 This may be even brought up with her other two situations…
Should every bully be murdered depending on what they do? Should every suicidal person be left to die?
(I think that the suicide part could be more like, it’s an equally valid option…)

Finally, she might have a trial if she gets caught, and probably have to escape from it, regardless of the outcomes,
but she’d be in one of those situations where she tries to justify every action that she did…
If she escapes, she’d probably try to go to a remote island. :p She might be the only one there too…

Not sure if that’s really the best ending, but it’s all I can come up with right now. :p

So, I need some interludes that lead to these key moments, but the story structure is like this so far.


Story Structure


Scene 1

Best Friends are having a normal school day until some bully ruins it, which she’s been doing every now and then.
She even has a nasty reputation with other people at the school.
Come to think of it, being the ironically popular girl at the school, she might have other followers, who knows…

One day during after school hours, for like, help on tests or clubs or whatever the hell they do (I think that’s a thing),
she tries to find a way to get the bully alone (like a bathroom or outside if she’s a delinquent smoker, etc…
I was sort of thinking of a classroom though, who knows. :p That way she could lock it and/or block it with a desk.
Another thing could be that if their outside, the bully would have more room to escape…
I was also thinking she could backstab her assassin style, but that almost seems too sneaky for her. :p
It may seem unrealistic, but confronting the bully would be more dramatic and might work better…
Also, a teacher may also be involved with finding the bully’s dead body or that Yasuko seems suspicious.)

Yasuko’s friend then confronts her and Yasuko tries to defend herself. Her friend is stunned and tells her she can’t believe she did such a horrible thing.
Yasuko then cries angry tears of frustration, believing that she of all people would understand her as her best friend…
She then tries to run away, wherever she can go… I was sort of thinking of a woods/forest nearby at some point, but that might be strange. :p
But I mean, if she’s out in the open forever, she could be caught easily, maybe…
(Then again, if it’s a forest, it could typically lead to the Aokigahara (Suicide) Forest which could easily set up the next scene. :p
That being said, I’m not sure how she’d pop back up to seeing stores again for the third part…)


Scene 2

Yasuko then tries to help a suicidal person until said person tells them that they want to die, so she tries to comfort them in their final moments…

Meanwhile, things try to go back to normal as the police are still investigating her, or perhaps by Scene 3, and Yasuko’s friend says she wants to help.
(Come to think of it, being promoted to Student Council President might not make any sense, and she might not even need to be one, who knows. :p
As the police arive, it should already be late, and she might be told to go home, but if she gets accepted, part of it might be from some proof of merit…)


Scene 3

Yasuko then finds herself back into a city, or her own city, and finds a homeless person or more in need of food…
But she might not have much money on her so she has to steal…

This is followed by more police scenes. :p


Possible Ending


Scene 4

Yasuko eventually gets caught and tries to justify herself in a court system.
Regardless of outcome, she’s arrested, whatever her sentence may be…
She then tries to escape and finds herself running away to a remote island, a place where she can be herself, alone…
A bittersweet ending, but at least she’s alive and relatively happy, even if society won’t accept her.


That’s my plan so far. :p


P.S. I feel like drawing a rather simplistic stick figure drawing (cuz I can’t draw. :() of a personification of suicide… I actually googled depression personification/anthropmorphism and found all sorts of crazy drawings of these monsters representing mental disorders that look almost like yokai, like heartless from Kingdom Hearts or Okami, or just… whatever. :p It’s really cool. :O


Anyways, the suicidal person would be like… on their knees with a gun to their head with a solemn expression on their face, as a darkly beautiful female angel wraps it’s arms around them… one that also wears a black robe, with wings stained with blood, if not chains to bind you down to signify “depression” that won’t go away. Basically an angel of death. :p Is she meant to help you, or hurt you? It’s hard to say…


(Come to think of it, if it ever looked more horrifying, it would probably be more like the rpg maker horror game crooked man during that one scene. :p)


But yeah, I hope you enjoy my ideas! <3


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WanderingDreamer91 8/1/2018 - 11:27 pm

For the last thing I said, this actually reminds me of that one maid lady and Ryoma from New Danganronpa V3. ._.

That’s not what I ahd in mind at all and I was thinking of something a lot deeper but that almost actually kind of works, LOL. XD

Morris 8/1/2018 - 11:59 pm

My best friend’s mom once accused me of being “verbose”, so I looked up the definition for that word.

It means “long winded and wordy”.

Most people have a short attention span and they’ll tune out if you inundate them with content.

WanderingDreamer91 8/2/2018 - 8:06 am

Leave me alone.

WanderingDreamer91 8/2/2018 - 8:14 am

Wow, I wrote this whole freaking thing only for no one to see it or care…

Well I copied and pasted but still, this is my creative writing, something I poured my whole heart and soul too and you’re saying it’s too long and pointless.

You kind of people need to read a damn book…

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