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  August 24th, 2018 by frog

I wrote a post earlier asking for metal music suggestions and was satisfied with the suggestions I received. I’ll leave the link on the bottom.

My favorate music genres are:

metal (Black is my favorate but all is enjoyable)

Rock (gunsengunsen(that’s what I call Guns N’ Roses for the laughs), highly suspect is new but good and Pink Floyd Perl jam etc)

Jazz (Chet Baker fav, also songs like monks dream- take 8, in your own sweet way, take five and so on)

and one more genre that I don’t quite know what is called ( Cigarettes after sex, Korey Dane, Beck) but it’s like calm music with whispering or so


Anyways, back to the point. I’d like to revive more nice suggestions and of course I’d give good recommendations ( at least I’ll think they’ll be good, really just depends) back to you.


My my least fav genres r music such as :

Rap ( I used to listen to Eminem as a child n he’s cool, i especially dislike Icelandic rap(i live in Iceland n at work it’s ok the radio all day long))

Dubstep ( even tho I really enjoy Korns “the path of totality” album)

Dance club idk ( you get the point)

i like the band ratatat tho, even tho I don’t know what genre they’re considered to be

those are just not my cup of tea but who am I to judge, Most people I know or know of have the opposite taste of mine so I never really have anyone to share my music with



i didn’t make this post to whine about music I don’t like but really I’m open to all suggestions as I said above, even if my least fav genres I could still find enjoyable music (from my point of view of course)


feel free to share your music, honestly I’m open to even the unlikeliest of opinions



here is some music I like if anyone would like to take a look, or take a listen whatever. I’ll go from soft(top) and leave the heavy stuff for the bottom.

Not sure if all the artist are right but it’s according to my saved Spotify songs


Chet Baker – I fall in love to easily

Bill Evans – Gary’s theme

Dexter Gordon – I guess I’ll hang by tears out to dry

Brad Mehldau – when it rains

—whisper genre (please tell me in comments if you know the name thanks)—

Alex turner – it’s hard to get around the wind

Korey Dane – fade into you

Foals – Spanish Sahara

The Maccabees – toothpaste kisses

—Rock (childhood fav genre)—

Dire straits – Sultans of swing

The doors – la woman ( the song and album

david Bowie ( pretty much everything)

Highly suspect ( rather new)

incubus – make yourself + morning view (albums

and so many more

— Metal ( delicious )—

Antigama – empty paths (album(ear rape))

Naglfar – harves (easy going Black Metal)

Avenged sevenfold (cliche but my childhood favorate)

Sólstafir – nón (this band is the only good thing about Iceland from what I believe)

Hellyeah – moth

And so, so, so many more


I meant to keep this post short but I just couldn’t stop myself.

Can’t wait for your suggestions may they be many.

thank you for your time   the link I promised

P.s. I was gonna say something else but I forgot

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