Sigh… I hate my mom.

  August 2nd, 2018 by WanderingDreamer91

Sigh… I hate my mom…


I can’t really show pics for proof so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it, and I guess it’s up to you if I reacted wrong and if my mom sucks or not, but yeah, I’ll try to find enough time to post on this on a work day, I hate waiting to type out something important…


Also, no offense, but… I think Primal One posted like 15 posts in a row and buried some otherd including mine so I’m not sure if people saw them but whatever…


Here we go. :p



“I want a girlfriend. 🙁 It feels weird saying that to you. >_< But yeah, sigh… I kind of want that more than I even want a better job or something… (…) I just want to relax after being so dang tired and stressed all the time and I don’t wsnt to be lonely forever… Sometimes I wonder if I say too much but I also hate feeling like I can’t trust people with anything, not even you. What would other people even understand besides having things fly over their head or get offended? It’s all the same with people… Well, I’m going to bed soon. Listening to music to relax and fall asleep too. :p”


Mom: “Hi – sorry you are lonely. Just know that everyone feels lonely sometimes. It’s not good if you feel it most of the time though. Finding a girlfriend is not that easy. It’s not like you can just go get one! I tend to think you (I don’t mean just you) should find activities that you are passionate about. And maybe find groups that do things you like. Then just make friends in general and learn what makes a healthy relationship. Relationships are complicated. And the romantic ones are even moreso. I’m not just speaking to you, I’m speaking in general. I think you can work a lifetime in improving relationships. But I think relationships are the most important thing we are here for.”


(Why the hell did shd make this long-winded lecture for when I’m looking for support, and say stuff like I can’t just get a relationship yet it’s the most important thing to have, which proved why I wanted it the most…? I hate people…)


Me: “… So are you encouraging me to get one or no? Dude you don’t even know how my life is a lot different from other lonely people, do you? I’m stuck in an apartment with only a job I don’t even like to show for my indepedence… No car no friends no girlfriend no college no anything. Sigh, nevermind…”


Mom: “I understand. I worry all of the time. I’m mad at dad that he doesn’t at least help with a plan fof school or something. As far as a girlfriend, I was saying I think it’s good just to go and learn to make friends and enjoy yourself. A girlfriend might come along in the midst of that. It’s better and easier to meet people when you are happy.”


Me: “Sorry… good night… What, so I can’t meet people if I’m unhappy? This is depressing me… night.”


Mom: “Btw, I hear from Josiah (my oldest brother) extremely frequently who says similar things. Hs just finally got a car and shares and apartment. He’s always out of money because it’s expensive. He says he doesn’t want Lowes to be his whole life. Ok, try not to worry tonight!”


I’m thinking of deleting all of my messages…


What do you’ll think?

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