August 12th, 2018 by Alive7

They tell you that they will be their

That they care, but all they do is watch and stare as you fall apart

Once you try they dare ask you why, as if their pain is more important and telling you that you should keep suffering even though you would rather die.

So you sit and cry alone in the dark room in your mind screaming and tugging at your heart holding your mouth shout and continuing to lie

Faking a smile watching them think your better all while your suffering in pain and broken as if parts of you are slipping away.

We just don’t want to stay but they don’t understand that anyway. We try to leave and they put us in a cell if we make it. Crying and begging telling them please we just can’t take it.

I’ve already been trying to make it. Bet you didn’t know when I was faking it.

Just because we smile or laugh doesn’t mean we don’t want to die. We’re still normal people who laugh and cry.

Part of me wants saving but I’m not sure anymore. I want to make it out this dark hole but first I have to find the door.

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