Suicide, Death, Deathly and a Kill

  August 27th, 2018 by Yikrens

It started in my Case very early. I romanticised Suicide, did learned about respiratory depression in the cold, the paralyzing effects of alcohol. I can’t remember about more details. It was then 2010/11.

Long Time, it didn’t came up again. but I was not easy to treat. 3 People were aiding me almost Daily for Years.

From Age 18 on, I was able to get forward without consequent correspondence. Drugs.
An Overdose in a Polytoxicomania made me recall: I just died.


When someone broke it and at some point said something in direction of what is been experienced, I cut mindlessly myself.

That I stole a Car and went away, was psychotic but not suicidal. I lost my first Device and a Project. Since then I believe I can’t ever enter Politics.

As after I settled for 3 Months, my Phone got stolen. Psychotic, left the Town.

The Accident with 1540 Volts was not intended Suicidal. As it happens I heard in my Mind “So werde ich nicht sterben.”, and I believed that the Sky is heavenish.

As I recovered I regained more than I was capable of. A Police Attack with the Reason it happened because I wore a Dress let me fall deeper than the Intentional Suicidality.

Since than, I can’t be pleased. I am Insane. I fear no Drugs. I am always inflicted in intrigue causing Danger, as if I am Danger, I am making Danger. A Affliction turned to Love and Infatuation.

That also happened far Away, from Central Europe to Nordic Europe. I confessed the First Time I would do Terror. I never did but then at the Airport I said it. I can’t say where they brought Me, but appropriate. At that Time Trump got elected.

Again, Months Later. I got used to be now below poverty. When I missed a Plane at the End of the Year I started Drugs 2017. I have now 41 completely experienced.

Recently, I don’t know, I have this Idea for a Start-Up. I have a rental. I am allowed and asked to Assist a Suicide.

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