What happened on April 17, 2018

  August 20th, 2018 by HelpXairyBeatLeukemia

That was the day my family and I received news that would change are lives in a single day.
Please Help
I have two younger brothers, ages 8 and 5
April 13, 2018 my five year old brother was supposed to start his very first day of school.
The week school had begun we were told he couldn’t enter school because he needed to get his shots first.
I was pretty bummed out that he wouldn’t be able to start the same day as everyone else
But we made him a doctors appointment for the upcoming thursday.
My parents and my eldest sister were at the doctor’s appointment with him.
I was at home with my other sister sweeping the floor.
I hear the front door opening and it’s my dad who walks in first
Then my oldest sister walks through with my little brother in her arms
She looks at me and immediately tears up
And not for a moment did it cross my mind that there was something wrong with my little brother
I am not exactly sure what happened at the doctors but he was unable to get his shots and was ordered to go to the ER
And so he did
That day we spent it worrying what could possibly be wrong with my little brother.
I feel I can speak for each and every member of my family when i say that Thursday April 17, 2018 was the worst day of our lives
My brother had stayed overnight at the children’s hospital along with my parents.
On that day the doctors had taken a sample of bone marrow from my brother
They had given us two possibilities neither of them were good
After visiting him at the hospital me and my sister went to pick up our 8 year old brother from school
A couple hours later, my sister gets a call from my oldest sister asking us to go to her place immediately.
Since my parents were still at the hospital we took our brother with us
When we arrived to her place my sisters boyfriend took our little brother to walk the dog
we sat on the couch silently waiting for my sister to tell us what had happened.
And she just starts crying my other sister asks her “whats wrong what happened”
And in between sobs she cries “he has leukemia”.
I used to use this website when i was 14 and i had always received at least one response (of course none of my posts were this long ever and i wouldn’t blame you for not reading it) But if you have read this far thank you for reading. If you do not mind it would mean the world to me if you could share this link, https://www.gofundme.com/fight-for-xairy I want to raise money to help pay for his hospital bills and whatever he may need. Just a share on social media or a simple dollar will mean a lot.

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