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Why does everyone lie?

by T3R3Z1


It’s been on my mind for quite a while and now i’m getting trouble sleeping. Why does basically everyone lie? Why does everyone have to be so mean? Let me explain my point; the other day I was asking a girl I know why she found me so annoying and stuff, she said “I don’t, you have to understand that I really like you and I’m sorry if I did anything wrong!” Haha. In French it’s called “la mauvaise foi”. Why does she have to LIE? I don’t understand! Why does everyone has to fake the fact that they like me? I don’t deserve this! I studied people’s behavior to see how to make friends and interact with people. I don’t understand; I do everything right but they still fake the fact that they like me. Why do they? Simple: they want to have something from me, I know it or not, it depends, and for the girl I wrote about earlier, I didn’t realize it, until far too late (damn this sentence sounds great). It’s art. The art of being the greatest asshole in history; she had a sexual fantasy, and she asked me to do [s t u f f] with some guy I know. What the fuck! I mean don’t get me wrong, I have weird sexual fantasies too, but at least I don’t FUCKING MANIPULATE PEOPLE! Every fucking time. They are all there to get something from me. And when I’m not going fine? Noones there. When I go out of my house, I see them all laugh at me. Had lots of dreams recently. I saw people looking at me and laughing at me in my back… They all do that! It’s FUN how dumb I am! Whenever I want to talk about some problem of mine, or just answer “I’m not going well” they critisize me and don’t take me seriously. They want me to get the fuck out, I know! They find me so boring, but I have so much to tell! Nothing that interests them, though (video games coming out, some youtuber did that, this guy did that at that hour, this teachers annoying, etc. All of this is stuff that interests them, basically.) But yeah! I have to fit the society standards, of course! I ask them sometimes “Sorry, I’m not boring you?” They say that of course not. That’s LIES. All of the are liars and find me annoying! I know I am inferior; that my capacities are under average (learning and stuff), but hey, that doesn’t mean that I am an object who can’t think! And that is the stuff I do way better than THEM!

What an asshole, people on earth are suffering from famine, are not free, and here I am complaining about social stuff. I am aware of that and that makes me feel even more like shit.


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Lifelong Loser 8/20/2018 - 2:37 pm

Because people suck.

I find myself hating humanity more and more all the time.

fakehappy 8/20/2018 - 3:10 pm


fakehappy 8/20/2018 - 3:16 pm

I have a huge awareness for the death and injustice in the world with war and crimes against humanity but that never negates personal trauma, if that makes sense. Bad things are happening to others but they happen to you too, if you disregard it it’s not healthy. People are messed up, we all fighting a battle and some people turn it into a sick game (of lies and manipulation)to cope. I try my hardest to understand I can’t let it all make me into a bad person too, other people might use and abuse us but we have to be stronger still…

annon111 8/20/2018 - 10:36 pm

Lying is easier. Avoid those pesky real emotions

T3R3Z1 8/21/2018 - 2:50 am

So, better lie? I could do it too.

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