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by andesames1

It feels so weird to make friends with peoplw that don’t have any mental disorders. They get so worried about me, while my ill friends say shit like “same”. I’m not sure if anyone can handle this. But it feels so good to try to be normal. To try to blend in when I know I’m not like them. They make me feel like I want to be one of them and be normal but I still want to die. I don’t want people to go through this.i dont is want them to know if I die. I’m sorry.

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passionfruit3 9/10/2018 - 12:25 am

I dont make friends with people who are.not like me or qoute and qoute normal.they do not understand what its like to be me they cant relate to me and i. Cant relate to them so we stay the opposite sides of eachother besides i dont want a normal person mistakenly thinking there trying to help.me when im suicidal by taking me to a er or psychologist were they 5150 you for how you feel then your thrown in with the severly mentally ill when u just came in for being. Suicidal.

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