September 10th, 2018 by tiredofchronicpain

I have had a terrible dream this morning. I dreamt of having the cloud of depression over me. I was living in a shady little place with my father in this dream. We had no privacy together and were boxed in. I dreamt I was completely hopeless and finished with 5 interviews already. While the dream went on, I was afraid none of the employers will phone me back. I had 78 dollars left in my bank account. I was sticking him for a burger meal and I was worried if that amount goes to zero, he would have to support me fully and I would be bust. I went back home and saw him going off to work. I felt hopeless. I also remembered how there was a rather large lady on a photo and we both laughed together at the “cheese” subheading of the post. I felt trapped, as if there was no escape. I also wanted to contribute financially and I felt so handicapped. I realised my father is getting older and won’t be able to support me longer.  I realised that I am trapped.

Please help me a bit with your interpretations learning about my other posts. What do you guys think?




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