September 21st, 2018 by Tellmewhy

I went to my natal town 2 weeks ago. I haven’t been there since last year and before that l don’t remember how many years passed, maybe a handfull. This time this weird thing happenned. I went with my mom and we stayed for a couple of days to one of her ex work mate. While l was there we travelled by bus and l had this deja vu, l was in the bus with the same people from many years ago but l was older while they looked the same. It was like this weird movie that l was reliving from years ago. Another thing: we returned by train and again l saw some people from years ago, they looked and did the same things. I also saw some people in the station, they looked the same and did the same. Years ago l was in the same bus and train with the same people doing the same things. How are these things possible? What is happening?
I swear some people were/did the same although l don’t remember others, the rest l saw /did exactly.

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