A “friend” and a FRIEND!

  September 26th, 2018 by WITHINtheShadows

A true friend never says to you “everything will be ok soon” and ends the conversation.

That is a coward attitude from a lazy sh*it person who doesnt care to you at all.

A true friend would say “I’ve seen you in so much despair and loneliness for so long, dealing with all problems and responsibilities for so long, and I’ve noticed all your struggle goes nowhere and you are so tired of restarting over and over and go on and on and on. I’ve noticed you are broken even if you havent told me and I cant tell you what to do because I really dont know too. And I cant promisse a miracle excepting that I’d keep by your side even if you decide to die and I’d understand if you choose death because you are exhausted and life demands an endless foolish enthusiasm to restart”.

Where are those marvellous friends?? Where are those marvellous people??

There are only sh*it people in my life.

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