September 18th, 2018 by depresso.exp

I always struggled with some sort of addiction ever since I was little. When I was little it was huffing sharpe markers. Im pretty sure every kid did that hah. Then when i was a pre-teen it was self harming. The usual cutting, scratching at myself until i bled, pinching, biting, etc. I was addicted to tormenting myself for 7 years. Of course, that stopped. But now as a fresh adult, i find myself leaning to a new addiction. Smoking. I do vape and i find it as a casual hobby rather than an addiction tbh. But the thing about cigs is that it feels like a warm and tight hug in my chest. I find comfort with each puff i take and I know it is harmful. I just say fuck it. I dont careĀ  about my health anymore. I know if i continue i will hurt myself from the inside out. But fuck it. i say that but at the same time i do care. I dont even know. Im just confused and conflicted.

Have you guys struggled with addiction? Any tips on how to control it?


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