September 11th, 2018 by thewolf56

So I found an interesting trend. It’s stupid that I’ve never noticed this before. As soon as I am even slightly hungry I lose all energy, immediately think about death, and cut myself off from everything. Satisfy said hunger and I am in a confident and happy mood instantly until I’m hungry again. I’m thinking something along the lines of diabetes?

I’m always looking for answers. I now know that food and my parents have something to do with this. Eating, music, working out, smoking cigars, hard physical labor, keeping myself busy and learning about things I enjoy are some of the temporary solutions that I have found that work for me.

Just figured I’d post an update. I am in a great mood right now, listening to some 90’s hip-hop while studying for a test I have tomorrow. I also have lined out a semester study abroad in the spring, and am currently working on an internship that I think will be a very lucrative opportunity. Thank you for reading.

As I was proofreading this, I got the text that my sibling just now tore his ACL. Keep that in your thoughts please.

Good luck everybody

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