Are you ok?????? Pffft

  September 14th, 2018 by tiredofchronicpain

The “R U Ok” movement has every right to be laughed at. In fact, I haven’t laughed this hard since September 2017 last year looking at a similar popup. I thought this was a joke, till I googled it. It is basically a group of individuals querying people to talk about their problems, and I find it even more laughable asking it in hell a.k.a the suicideproject where most of us have REAL problems that can’t be fixed with the traditional CBT approaches. This cult of “Are You Ok” implies that every problem can be fixed by talking about it. It assumes the only reason for depression is a quick dart to the drawing board of positive thinking and everything will be fixed.

The whole cult of positive thinking and CBT can be attributed to smart Alec businessmen targeting the hopeless and depressed, or ill fortunate while they are tossing around the globe none the richer.

We are currently on the brink of a third world war approaching, with almost 1 in 5 kids in primary school already thinking about offing themselves. I find it startling how high depression in Australia is and that most of the time, it can be statistically modelled to give a Gaussian distribution showing the median of sad folk with a cobweb of problems and real life pain. I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression,  incel, and I have to commute to silly mind games like “Are you Ok” from the Hoi Polloi with severe handicapped issues unsure of who the are themselves.

Because if you pull the fucking veil off you’d realise the only serious people are depressed to a great extend. It is the generous souls who are depressed. It is us who did the right thing, studied, and failed as a result of a cruel world.

So, you viviocentric activists, fuck you!

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