September 21st, 2018 by Hope Dream Love

i keep being told “you can get better” “everything can be ok” but can i? will it really be ok? if i relapse have i really gotten better or has it just been delayed? there really is no such thing as being ok. once youre broken thats it, youre f*cked forever. theres no reversing the effects. and the worse part. you didnt ask for this. its not like you were an idiot drinking and doing drugs all the time. no you then know what can happen and if you do it anyway thats your own problem but depression…..someone gave you this problem. they handed it over like a birthday present. “here you go! hope you like it!” yeah thanks just what i f*cking wanted. a life of pain while you roam about with no regrets. no fears. this is f*cking bullsh*t. its not even an ugly sweater you can return to the store. your stuck with it and you cant say no.

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