Black holes

  September 9th, 2018 by nothingbutblueskies

I don’t know how many here have read the book “My heart and other black holes” but I feel like author really explains depression in a good way. Something I can relate to instead of the stereotypical thing where its a girl shattered at the wrists, mascara running down her cheeks, sadness in a beautiful way, you know? Because it’s not beautiful or poetic, it’s hell. Anyway, that book made me really sad.

The main character is depressed and she wants to kill herself, so she goes to a website, finds a partner etc. They start hanging out, planning the thing and of course she falls in love and in the end *SPOILER ALERT*, they don’t commit suicide because they are in love. And do you know why that sucks. Because the reason she finds a way to live is because she finds love. Which is something I cant do. And I hope Love isn’t the only reason I’m gonna survive this because then I fear it’s over for me. And that sucks.

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