September 23rd, 2018 by PatheticMale

Hey guys, I was wondering whats ur attitude towards/experience with drugs. Are you “selfmedicating” with something currently? Did some substances help you with deprssion or whatever? Do you have some habbits that you´d like to quit? Or past addictions that made ur life terrible? Or perhaps some “funny” trip stories? Let me know, Im interested 😀

Weed is my drug of choice. I guess you could say that Im addicted to it. I smoke every day after school (alot). I can take a week off and I dont get almost any “withdrawls”. Just some cravings for the first two days but nothing that would get unmanagable. I dont even belive that weed withdrawls are a real thing but i heard that some people have them. I dont plan on quitting tho. I just dont see the reason why. I get that weed is only an escape for me but fck it. Id rather be escaping than suffering. Im sometimes judged by other people but honestly I dont even care anymore. Those who call me an addict usually couldnt get one day through without their coffee or cigs anyway.

I was doing a lot of psychedelics in the past. Ironically I first thought that they would maybe cure my weed addiction, force me to face my demons and get my life together but didn´t happen. I ve gradually stopped about a half year ago. I more or less stopped enjoying it. It was too intense for me and too long and I never got nothing useful out of the experience. Also I think It just dissociated me from reality even further. I never really had a bad trip tho. I was doing MDMA too but never to the point that you could call it abusing it. I also quit that coz it just lost its “magic” to me as to many other people. I to this day still havent experienced better feeling than my first MDMA dose tho.

I never enjoyed alcohol much. I got natural tolerance to it so it takes alot to get me drunk. Also I seem to not get the desirable mild effect of just warming and boosting confidence. I just either dont feel nothing at all or Im too drunk so I get loud and annoying. Also hangover sucks. I never have intense hangovers but they last so long, like the whole day after I drink heavily I just feel like crap.

I got into blow recently and I kinda like it. It just crushes my social anxiety. I feel that when Im coked out I can talk to people without fear of them judging me, I just dont give so much damn what others think about me. Also I think that Im genuinely less awkward  even when Im not high on it atm. Like i got to experience what being confident feels like so my brain can to some extent simulate that feeling. When I first tried it I thought it would be some hard shit that would totally fuck me up (coz of the terrible reputation it has I guess) but in reality the experience is so mild and light. I feel it acts on me the way small dose of alcohol does on many people. (like you cant even compare it to MDMA high, that just fks me totally to the point when I have to run and jump like crazy and I dont manage to keep a conversation). Im definitely not saying that its good for me or anyone else and sure, the fact that I manage to keep it under control for now doesnt mean that it wont destroy me later on. I just think it really is perhaps shamed a bit too much when you compare it to alcohol that is so glorified in our culture but can be just as harmful or even more. Like most people describe coke as just this uncontrolable thing that they just have to sniff till they got none or no money left and then they feel like total crap. Im sure it affects some people like this but I think its generally overexadurated. I never got any comedowns from coke. Maybe its coz people tend to mix large doses of alcohol with it and that forms a poison in your body. Sure I drink a bit when Im coked but I always keep it under control like 3 beers max and thats it coz I know what alcohol can do with it.

Like to me this society is kinda fked up. The only drugs that can give you physical addiction and physical withdrawls are opioids, benzos and alcohol – all of these are legal!!! Meanwhile you could get to prison in some countries for just smoking weed…. I´m by no means saying that psychological addiction is not dangerous but lets be real I dont think it can get you really as destroyed as physical dependency. Like heroin/xanax/alcohol withdrawl can even kill you! Coke or weed withrawl definitely cant…

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