September 14th, 2018 by ANONFORWOOD

by close i mean from now to few years,  others is what i care most about and and i wish i don’t. they’ll judge anyway in the end. it is my life i truly want to end it, do not let anyone judge you , it is uniquue you and no one knows you better then yourself, i suffer, sadely you do, what you feel like is right is to do.  i am buzzed because without it’ll feeling worse. no one knows what’s in my head,  my destiny, suicide before natural death. i do not know if i’m depressed, or if i have to be, it is my destiny,  i’m craving. so many dark mistakes and dark  desires, things i can not resist will end. hypothermia is what i want. winter will come. i just wanted to share, if i’m wrong i,m, i love humans, i love you, i just want to leave because there is not much to live for. it is me, judge me you are another human and that is what we do.  i’m glad iv some good memories , i had friends once, it was good enough,  it is all over now, no one.can replace them. 

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