Everyday I get more and more tired of living

  September 10th, 2018 by soulless_angel

Everybody looks at me
But they don’t know what to say
They don’t know if I will die
Or if I’ll live to see another day
Will it be when the skies are blue
Or will I die when the oceans are gray
They don’t know if I’m alright
Or care if I’m gonna be okay

To die is to be free
So why can’t they let me be
Slip into that nothingness
Into that place I want to be
It’s somewhere I want to go
With someone or on my own
Because I’ve finally had enough
I think I have lived to much
Now I lay me down
For my final breath
As I close my eyes and sigh
“Thank God, now I can finally rest”
And that’s when I realize
The fight is finally over
I’ll rest my head
Close my eyes
Breathe my final breath
And finally welcome the end
What none of them know
I’m already dead
and October will come
And I will be gone

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