September 27th, 2018 by intothedark

I exposed my soul

Let you know my feelings
But what was the goal?
You can’t help my healing
Maybe you can’t understand
What I’m going through
I just want you to hold my hand
You don’t have to tell me what to do
I just really need a friend
Someone I know I can lean on
To let me know this isn’t the end
To help me find the strength to carry on
Just lend me your shoulder to cry on
Lend me a listening ear
Tell me it will be ok and
Let me cry my tears
Isn’t anybody listening
To my silent cry for help
Isn’t anybody caring
If I ever get well
I’m trying to hold on
Though I feel so broken inside
I’m trying to be strong
But nobody’s by my side
I will have to do it all alone
Because there’s nobody else here
I’ve always been on my own
Without anybody to care
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