Glass hearts on a stupid rock

  September 4th, 2018 by Yoges

Why do we place so much value on existing?
Why can’t we just let people go without a fuss?
Seven billion plus crammed on a speck floating blindly in the middle of a cold, silent, eternal infinite. And yet we have to make a tragedy out of every human lost?
I dreamt a glorious world yesterday where my passing was shrugged off like another sunset. All my folk lived on as if I had never existed. Fuck. If only they had it in them to be stoic about it, I’d end myself this minute.
It pisses me off thinking that I’ve been adding years to my life just because I’m loved and will be missed.
But love suffocates me and I don’t want to missed, so why do I feel obliged to pretend for their sake that I’m alive?

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