God, the answer?

  September 18th, 2018 by Lostlullaby

So the other day I was saying my day was turning to shit for X or Y stupid reason (as I have a generalized anxiety disorder and I suspect I’m also a borderline  I don’t need much to feel that way) and this very catholic girl told me if I wanted to feel great I could go to the Wednesday mass if I wanted. I smiled at her and thank God, we had to return to our work. She was sweet and all and probably, like most people, had no idea on how bad I really felt. Anyway it was not the first time I heard a “God is the answer” speech. I used to be very into God myself in my childhood to my early teenage days but I can t believe  that God is behind every thing and has a real power over my life  else I must call him a sadist and I wouldn’t see a point in worshipping a sadistic  God. So no, “God  can’t be the answer to mental illness ” at least not in my case.

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