Gray man love story

  September 14th, 2018 by Gray man

you see me on the subway but yet you do everything to look away

you see me walking down the street but yet you don’t say hello

you rest you head on my chest and say you love me but then you don’t call

you wonder why i am dark and withdrawn i say it’s because i don’t trust people but the real reason is i know you will never give me the time of day

i put on the brave face and fool you all in thinking that everything is alright but it’s not

i see you with your nice outfits and your expensive drinks and meals

i look in your eyes as i starve in the cold and for a second you see me but then you look away going back you your meal wising that i would die or disappear so i won’t ask you for change¬† but……………¬† i am not wanting money …………….i am not wanting food ………… i am all i am wanting is someone that gives a dame the sad thing is i already meat that man and he cheated on me with my cozen wean i was 5 feet away he was my light my rock my partner and my sole mate yes we scraped and we fought but at the end of the day we always tried to make it right but i can see now that there is no making it right ……….. shame ……… so now i am doomed to walk this hell people call a world alone so i take this knife and i hope that you see that the lost of you not being with me was unbearable so i sit in this quiet room with this knife in my hand so say good bye and i wish you all the best in your life forgive them father they do not know what they do


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